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How Many e-Signature Requests Are Included in the Clio Manage Boutique Plan?


  • Understand how many e-Signature requests are included in Clio Manage Boutique plans
  • How many e-signatures do I have left
  • E-Sign
  • Clio Boutique Plan


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Clio Manage Boutique plans include 10 e-Signature requests per user, per month, pooled across the firm. This means that accounts with two users share 20 e-Signature requests per month, accounts with three users share 30 e-Signature requests per month, and so on. Note that the month is based on the calendar month, in UTC time zone.

Once the 'Prepare for signing' button is pressed for a document, one e-Signature is used up (you can include as many signatures as needed per document). A counter will show you how many e-Signature requests you have remaining across your account for that month. 


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