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Can I Choose a Specific Date or Amount Where a Payment Plan to the Operating Account Will Stop?


  • Can I set up a Payment Plan to stop at a certain value or day?
  • Revenue/Bill Payment Payment Plans with Clio Payments
  • Workarounds for Payment Plans to the Pperating account


  • Clio Manage

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No, not at this time. However, below are two possible workarounds:

  1. You can pre-determine a total payment amount for Payment Plans to a Client's Trust. The Payment Plan could, therefore, be set up to the Client's Trust, and then either transferred to the Operating account at the Client's Contact level or recorded as a payment from Trust, directly to the Bill. 
    • Click here for the steps to set up a Payment Plan


  2. If you require the funds received to be deposited into the Operating account, Payment Plans can be created directly in LawPay. However, when a Payment Plan is created in LawPay, the payments will not be automatically reflected in Clio. Once the payment is received, the payment would need to be manually recorded as a Direct Payment in Clio.
    • Click here for the steps on setting up a Payment Plan directly in LawPay

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