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How do I Send a Document for Esign to Multiple Email Addresses in Clio Manage


  • I want to send a document for esigning to a contact with multiple email addresses
  • The contact is a husband and wife merged together into one contact


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

Documents for esigning are sent to contacts instead of email addresses. Documents will be sent to the primary email address of each contact added as a signee.



  1. Go to the contact with multiple email addresses for different people
  2. Click Edit Contact at the top right
  3. Remove the email address of the 2nd person from the current contact to avoid running into conflicts (take note of the email address) and save the contact
  4. Click the green Create New button at the top right of Clio, and select Contact
  5. Enter the details of the 2nd person and save the contact
  6. Go back to the matter and navigate to the document you want to esign, you should now have an option to add both contacts as a signee


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