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Invoice Payments Report and Legacy Clio Manage Bills


  • Learn more about why the Invoice Payments Report does not account for payments on bills generated before Mar 1, 2011
  • Learn more about the options available to report on invoice payments for bills generated before Mar 2, 2011


  • Clio Manage Web App


In order to support all of the new and upcoming features and options in Clio's billing, the latest version of the Invoice Payments report does not support showing payments on bills that were generated before Mar 1, 2011. (Also known occasionally as "Legacy Bills") 

Note that this applicability is only for the date that the bill was generated, and does not take into account the payment date, the bill issue date, the bill due date, or any other dates.

As such, this will only affect accounts who have been using Clio since before Mar 1, 2011 and who choose a time period and other settings on their desired report which could include payments on bills that were generated before this date.

If you need to reports on payments made on bills generated before this time, an older version of the Invoice Payments Report is available here: (North America linkEU Link).
The older versions of this report may have other limitations though which you should be aware of.
You can read more about the older version of this report here

If you have any feedback on this change, please let us know your thoughts at this link.



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