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LEAP Data Migration Guide

Important Information For Your Migration

The success of your data migration will depend on the quality of the data stored in your previous software

Before migrating your information, we strongly recommend ensuring that your data is consistently formatted, sufficiently backed up, and stored securely. Clio’s migrations team does not offer a data cleaning service. If the data is formatted inconsistently it will be reflected in that format after your migration to Clio. 

Inconsistent data is when your data is stored in the incorrect fields in the previous software, for example, an email address is added to the last name field, or a phone number is stored in a prefix field. If you are not certain, it is recommended that you consult with your Clio representative before proceeding. 

LEAP to Clio Data Migrations Roadmap:

  1. Review information on the migration process: Data Migrations FAQs
  2. Export your data from LEAP: How do I Export Data from LEAP?
  3. Prepare Your Data: How do I Prepare my Data
  4. Send your data to Clio: A Dropbox link will be provided
  5. Clio processes and imports your data:
  6. Review your Imported data: How do I review my data?
Important: If you are not the Account Owner of the LEAP account being migrated from then please speak with your Data Migration Specialist

Information That Will Not be Imported

Clio’s Migrations Team does not migrate the following information from your previous system  

How Your Data is Processed


  • Responsible Solicitor (Person Responsible) - All Matters must be assigned to a Clio user with an active license. The Primary Subscriber will be assigned to any LEAP Matters that do not have a corresponding active user in Clio.

Compliance and Conveyancing Fields (EU/UK accounts only)

  • Custom fields will be created in Clio to store this information


Migrated Fields

LEAP Fields



Matter Number

Contact/ Company Name

Matter Status (Open or Closed)

Email Addresses

Open Date

Phone Number (Phone, Home, Mobile, and Fax)

Person Responsible


Matter Description

DOB (Custom Field)


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