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"Spam and suspicious messages can't be used" Error When Attempting to File Unverified Emails Using the Gmail Add-On


  • Gmail Error Message While Filling Emails Into Clio
  • Error When Filing Messages Using the Clio Plug-in for Gmail


  • Clio Manage
  • Gmail Add-on

Additional Information:

  • To configure an SPF please follow the article: Here


This is an error message sent from Google. It is displayed because the sender of the email hasn’t fully set up their email domain with a valid SPF. As a result, Google treats the recipient’s email as potentially malicious, and it prevents all 3rd party Add-Ons (including Clio’s Add-On) from being able to use information from the sender’s email. 


Contact the sender of the email to advise them they haven’t fully set up their email domain with a valid SPF (Sender Policy Framework).

As a workaround, you can forward the email to yourself. Then Google will allow you to file the email using the Gmail Add-on for Clio. Or, you can file the original email to Clio Manage using the Matter maildrop address.


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