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Quick Start Session Summary


  • What is covered in our Quick Start Sessions?
  • Quick Start session breakdown
  • Where can I see what's in each QuickStart webinar?


  • Quick Start
  • Clio Manage
  • Clio Grow

Additional Information:

Clio Manage Sessions

Session 1 - Start Using Clio Manage Today 

Daily Session

(Mon/Wed/Fri 8am PST/11am EST; 

Tues/Thurs 9am PST/12pm EST)

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  1. General interface of Clio 
    1. Google Chrome browser
    2. Support Code location
    3. General navigation of homepage of Clio
    4. Full Text Search
  2. Settings
    1. Account and Payment Info
    2. Profile
    3. Manage Users
    4. Contact and Calendar Sync
    5. Custom Fields + Custom Field Sets
  3. Contact Creation 
    1. Custom Fields and Billing Preferences
  4. Matter Creation 
    1. Related Contacts, Custom Fields and Billing Preferences
  5. Activity Creation + Timekeeper 
    1. Adding Time/Expense Entries, Activity Categories
    2. Using the Timekeeper

Session 2 - Fast Track to a Paperless Practice 

Daily Session

(Mon/Wed/Fri 9am PST/12pm EST; 

Tues/Thurs 10am PST/1pm EST)

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  1. Document Management
    1. How to upload files
    2. How to share files
    3. How to connect 3rd party document storage program to Clio
    4. Creating Folders/Subfolders
  2. Document Automation
    1. Creating/Locating Merge Fields 
    2. Creating a Template with Merge Fields and Custom Fields
    3. Uploading Template 
    4. Generating Document from Template
  3. Email Management
    1. Maildrop
    2. Brief intro to Gmail/Outlook Add-in
  4. E Signatures
    1. Briefly intro in Clio Grow 
    2. Preparing and Signing Document for ESignature in Manage workflow

Session 3 - Billing for your Work 

Daily Session

(Mon/Wed/Fri 10am PST/1pm EST; 

Tues/Thurs 12pm PST/3PM EST)

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  1. Adding Operating and Trust Accounts
  2. Recording a Trust Transaction
  3. Payment Profiles
  4. Bill Themes 
    1. Localization
    2. Trust Balance
    3. Time/Expenses
  5. Bill Message Templates
  6. Automated Bill Reminders
  7. Bill Generation
    1. Generating, Approving, Sharing via Email or Clio Connect

Session 4 - Getting Paid Quickly and Reliably 

Daily Session

(Mon/Wed/Fri 12pm PST/3pm EST; 

Tues/Thurs 1pm PST/4pm EST)

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  1. Recording Payment
    1. Via Direct Payment, Credit Card and Trust
  2. Clio Payments
    1. How to Sign Up
    2. Sending bills via Clio Connect and Email to include Payment Link
    3. Payment Link - submitting payment without bill
    4. Payment Plans

Session 5 - Collaboration and Client Experience in the Cloud 

Tuesdays and Thursdays

(Tues/Thurs 2pm PST/5pm EST)

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  1. Working from Home Tips
    1. How to stay connected with team/colleagues
    2. How to maintain client experience remotely
  2. Clio Connect
    1. How to sign up
    2. Sharing Documents
    3. Sharing Bills
    4. Sharing Messages
    5. Navigating Clio Connect from Clients Perspective
  3. Zoom Integration Demo
  4. Video Conferencing Best Practices
  5. Collaboration Tools for Teams  O365, Microsoft Teams, Clio App Directory


Clio Grow Sessions

Session 1 - Start Using Clio Grow Today 

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

(Mon/Wed/Fri 1pm PST/4pm EST)

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  1. Grow Navigation Panel 
    1. Pipeline
    2. Forms
    3. Documents
  2. Grow Settings
    1. Matter - Customization
    2. Contact - Customization
    3. Integrations
    4. Import Data
  3. Quick Intake
  4. Matter Dashboard
    1. Workflow
    2. Files
    3. Notes
    4. Emails
  5. Form Builder
    1. How to build a form
    2. Private vs. Public Forms
    3. Sending private and public forms
  6. Document Builder
    1. Template Editor vs. PDF
    2. How to build a document
    3. Sending out a Document for E Signature

Session 2 - Seamless Scheduling and Matter Management 

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

(Mon/Wed/Fri 2pm PST/5pm EST)

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  1. Connecting Grow to Manage
  2. Exporting from Grow to Manage
  3. Importing Contacts from Manage to Grow
  4. Scheduler
    1. How to create Appointment Types
    2. Optional Payment for Appointment Types
    3. Public Link for Calendar - how it creates a new lead 
    4. Private Link - scheduling appointments via workflow
    5. Main difference between using public vs. private link, how payments are made and recorded in Clio 


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