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What Level of Access Does Clio Have to My Data?


  • Who at Clio has access to my data?
  • What information (if any) can Clio see about my firm and/or my clients?

  • What can Customer Success representatives see in my account?

  • Can Customer Success representatives see my clients’ personal information?


  • Clio Manage
  • Clio Grow

Additional Information:

For security purposes, Clio does not have access to the data stored in user accounts.

Due to the strict confidentiality of your case information, even for troubleshooting purposes, Clio will only be able to see the data in your account after you provide your explicit consent.


All Customer Success agents have access to high-level details about your firm (such as firm name, business address, subscription details, products, and third party integrations). They have access to this information in order to provide you the level of support you require based on the specifics of your account with us. 

Unless you explicitly grant permission to a Customer Success agent to access your account or share your screen as part of a request to troubleshoot an issue, we are unable to see:

  • Matters
  • Documents
  • Billing
  • Permissions
  • Client Information

We require your explicit consent to access your account or any of the specific information outlined above. Instructions on how we will request your consent are outlined in the instructions below:   

How to Access a Zoom Meeting with Clio Support 

Granting Remote Access to Clio Manage

Granting Remote Access to Clio Grow

Other members of our Customer Success team have access to analytics pertaining to your activity on Clio’s website properties like From time to time, they may contact you with relevant information about Clio, our products and services, and to ensure that any Clio-related issues you may have are being addressed based on this activity. 

Further information on this can be found in our Privacy Policy. If you would like to opt out of receiving these correspondence, please make a member of our Customer Success team aware or contact our Data Protection Officer at   


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