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Can I Share Multiple Matters to the Same Client in Clio Connect?


  • Can I share things from more than one Matter to the same Client and them have one Clio Connect account?
  • How to share Documents from two Matters and all show in one Clio Connect account?
  • Will my client have more than one Clio Connect account if I share items from multiple matters with their same email address?


  • Clio Manage
  • Clio Connect

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If you share items from more than one Matter for the same Client email address, they will see all items in the one Clio Connect account. They will not have multile Clio Connect Accounts.

The Clio Connect account is based on and associated with the email address that the items are being shared with.

The Matter Number of the Matter, for the item(s) being shared, will be shown in the Matter column in Clio Connect.

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