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"Error on Line #: Imported record has an invalid date. it should be MM/DD/YY" Error When Importing IIF File to Quickbooks Desktop


  • How do I resolve an incorrect date format issue for QBD?


  • Quickbooks Desktop 2019
  • Quickbooks Desktop 2020

Additional Information:

  • QBD displays the error "Imported record has an invalid date. it should be MM/DD/YY" whenever an IIF file contains a date format that does not match the computer in use.


To resolve this issue, either change the date formatting settings on your computer to match the IIF file in question, or change your Clio date format settings so that your IIF export matches the computer. Instructions for how to change Clio's date formatting settings can be found by clicking here.

Note that, despite the language that QBD displays, this error message does not necessarily indicate that the IIF file needs to contain the date format MM/DD/YY, only that the date format of the IIF file does not match the date format of your computer.

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