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Is There a Report that Includes all Time Entries Broken Down by Matter?


  • Is There a Report that Includes All Time Entries Broken Down by Matter?


  • Clio Manage

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Currently, Clio does not have a report that includes all time entries(billable and non-billable) broken down by matter. If you would like to request for this feature, please let our Support team know. The Support team can be reached by phone(1-888-858-2546 ext. 2) or by the Live Chat option available in Clio.

Workaround: generating a CSV export from within your activities dashboard and use the sort and filter options within a program like Microsoft Excel to group all activities and expenses by matter and running the sum formula to achieve the data you are looking for.  You can also run a Matter Productivity by User report. This report will provide a list of all billable and non-billable entries group by each user per matter.


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