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Can European Users Use LawPay?


  • Can European (EMEA) Users Use LawPay?
  • Can Clients in Europe use LawPay?
  • How do clients in Europe, Middle East, and Africa use LawPay?
  • How to Sign Up For LawPay Outside of North America?


  • Clio Manage 

Additional Information:

  • LawPay and Clio Payments are two different concepts - to learn about the differences between the two, please see this article.
  • For LawPay Support contact information, click here.


Customers on the EMEA server that meet both of the criteria below are eligible to use LawPay:

  • Firm address must be in the United States (USA) 
  • Firm must have an American bank account 

To apply for LawPay, please contact LawPay directly. When doing so, ensure you request to accept international payments (cards outside of the US). 

Please note that while you may be eligible to use LawPay, customers on the EMEA server cannot use Clio Payments at this time. To Learn About the Differences Between Clio Payments and LawPay, see our article.


How do I track credit card payments in Clio if I use LawPay without Clio Payments? 

  1. Share your LawPay link directly with your client so they can pay with their credit card
  2. Once you see confirmation of the successful payment in LawPay, manually record the payment in Clio 


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