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Multiple Contacts Per Intake Form FAQ

What functionality has changed as a result of this release? 

You now have the ability to add multiple contacts to a single form:


You can map questions to any of those contacts’ custom fields:Screen_Shot_2020-08-18_at_2.03.58_PM.png

For public forms, each contact on the form will be created as a new contact and associated with the new matter:


For non-public forms, you will be able to select which contact(s) from the existing matter should be updated by the form by mapping them to the contact fields on the form:


How many contacts will you be able to capture per form?

There is no limit, so you can capture as many contacts as needed for the matter.

Note that all form templates will need to have at least one contact, but it is not required to add the contact fields for the contact in the event that you do not need to collect any contact information on a particular form.

Does this work with public forms?

Yes, both public and non-public forms can capture data from multiple contacts.

Does it allow you to capture contact custom fields?

Yes, you can collect custom field data from any of the contacts you add to the form by mapping questions to the corresponding contact custom fields.

What happens when a form with multiple contacts is submitted?

For non-public forms, all contacts on the form will be updated automatically with the data submitted from the corresponding contact fields and/or custom fields.

For public forms, each contact section on the form will create a new contact with all of the corresponding information.

Which contact receives the confirmation email upon submission?

When preparing the form to send it via email, you can select which contact to send the form to. This can be any contact on the form, or even another contact not on the form. The contact selected to receive the form will also be the contact who receives the confirmation email. 

Note that on a public form, because there is not a “prepare form” step, the confirmation email will be sent to the first contact shown on the form upon submission.

Can you capture both company contacts and person contacts?

At this time, it is limited to only “person” type contacts. You cannot create “company” type contacts on the form or associate any form fields to companies.

Can you customize the contact fields for each contact and/or make them required?

No, at this time the contact fields block is standardized meaning it is the same for all contacts on the form and not customizable. The only required fields for each contact are first and last name.

Does it work with Quick Form?

No, not at this time. Quick Form will still work, but when preparing the form, it will only allow the option of selecting from form templates that have a single contact.

Who can be added to a form?

You can only select from existing contacts on the matter when preparing the form. If the contact you need is not appearing in the dropdown then you will need to edit the matter and add a new or existing contact to it before sending the form.

Note: While you can assign the same contact to multiple contacts on a form, this is not recommended.

Will all contact information be imported into Clio Manage once a matter has been created?

Yes, all contacts and associated custom fields that are captured through a form with multiple contacts will be related to the matter in Clio Grow and exported to Clio Manage.

I am getting an error message: "Please select unique contact for each block"- what does this mean? 

This occurs when each Contact section has the same Contact information. When filling out a multiple Contact form, each Contact has to be unique. Otherwise, use a single Contact form. 


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