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Why Doesn't My Custom Font Work for PDF Document Templates?


  • Document automation
  • Pdf template
  • Word template
  • Custom Font


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • As a workaround please generate as a word document, then convert it to a PDF outside of Clio. 


The service that Clio uses to generate PDFs from a document template only has access to a selection of standard fonts. This means that many custom/paid fonts are not available when generating a PDF from a document template.

This is an issue when generating a PDF document specifically because the service needs the font at the time the PDF is generated. If the font used in a document template is not available, another font must be used to generate the PDF.

This is not an issue when generating Word documents because the font is only needed when a Word document is being opened. If the system opening the Word document has the required font, then it displays as expected, otherwise it will try to use another font to open the Word document. This is also a reason why word documents sometimes look slightly different when they are opened on different computers.


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