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How Do I Transfer Funds Between Operating Accounts of Two Contacts?


  • Move funds from one contact's Operating account to another contact's Operating account


  • Clio Manage 


  1. Click Contacts tab on the left
  2. Type the name of the contact that you want to transfer funds from into the Filter by keyword field on the top right
  3. Click the Contact's name
  4. Click Transactions tab at the top
  5. Choose the Operating account from the dropdown on the left (under Transactions in bold)
  6. Click New transaction on the right
  7. Add a negative amount in the Amount field
  8. Click Record transaction
  9. Go to the second Contact's contact page
  10. Click Transactions
  11. Choose the Operating account from the dropdown
  12. Click New transaction
  13. Add a positive amount in the Amount field
  14. Click Record transaction


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