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Can 2 Zapier Users be Authorized With a Single Clio User?


  • Can 2 Zapier Users be Authorized with 1 Clio User
  • I'm getting an authorization error when signing into Clio via Zapier


  • Zapier, Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • single authentication code is already being used


1. Navigate to Clio's API : Clio's API

2. Make sure you have Clio Manage open in a new tab

3. In the Clio API documentation, navigate to the hyperlink "Developer Portal"

4. This link will take you to your Clio Developer Page

5. Click Add

6. Fill out the Client Application, press Save

7. You will now see a code for APP KEY and APP SECRET

8. Copy & Paste these Keys in the corresponding Zapier OAuth2 designated areas 

8. Login to Clio via Zapier



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