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Clio for Clients - Early Access

If you are a client of a law firm and wish to learn more about Clio for Clients and how to use it, please see here.

Please note: this feature is available in early access only and will be available soon. By signing up for early access, please note that some of your workflows in Clio Manage may change, as new features evolve over time. If you would like to opt-out of Clio for Clients at any time, please contact Clio Support.

Clio for Clients is a client-attorney communication app that enables clients to work with their lawyer from anywhere.

  • Available on any device. Clients can communicate with their lawyer, and receive case status updates all from their mobile device or tablet (iOS and Android), or from a computer.
  • Easy, secure login. Clients signup via a link included in an email from their lawyer. Once set up, clients can access the app securely via Face ID, Touch ID, or their fingerprint.
  • Mobile document scanning and uploading. Users can scan documents which are then automatically converted to PDF. Documents are automatically cropped and adjusted for clarity. Documents can also be uploaded from other apps (e.g. Mail, Dropbox), or from the device’s camera roll.
  • Log client communication and documents efficiently. Clients can securely send messages and attachments to you. If a client messages or shares a document with you, it will automatically be saved to their respective matter.  They can also upload documents directly into folders that have been shared with them.
  • Eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth communication. Clients can check the status of their case themselves from the app. No more back-and-forth emails and calls on basic case updates.

What is Clio for Clients?
How it works

What is Clio for Clients?

Clio for Clients is a client portal designed for clients to securely communicate and share information with their lawyers. Law firms can push key details like status and next steps for their clients to access on demand. Clients can scan and share documents, access their case details in a central spot, and message their lawyer or others at the firm.

How it works



  1. Navigate to Communications
  2. Click New client portal
  3. Select a matter
  4. You and the client will automatically populate as participants. You can add or remove participants under Select participants. Once the client portal is created you will be able to add additional participants if needed by navigating to the client portal and clicking Add next to Participants.
  5. Click Create client portal
  6. Now that your client portal is created, you can send a message or a document. The first message or document you send to a client on a matter will trigger a Clio for Clients invite email to that client.
    • To send a message, type your message where it says Type a message then hit Send.
    • To send a document, click Upload file.
    • You can also share documents to Clio for Clients from the matter’s documents section. If you share a document to Clio for Clients from the matter’s document section this activity will not appear in the client portal in Clio Manage, but the client will receive the document in Clio for Clients.


Do I need to download this app, too?

Nope! You will continue to do everything from within Clio Manage (via the web / desktop). You do not need to download the Clio for Clients app.

How much does it cost?

It is included with Boutique + Elite Clio Manage subscription plans. It’s free for your clients to use, too.

What features does it have?

Your clients can view Documents you’ve sent them, as well as upload their own Documents, plus chat securely with you or anyone at your firm. Using the mobile app they can also protect access to their case information using Face ID, Touch ID, or their fingerprint. 

Whenever a client sends a message or uploads a document from the app, you and any other firm member participants will receive an email notification.

What about Clio Connect?

Clio Connect, our original client and co-counsel portal, is still available to you -- whether you sign up for early access for Clio for Clients or not. While you may use either system with your clients, we recommend using the Clio for Clients feature as it has been built with a great client experience in mind. We will continue to build out new features on top of Clio for Clients that will extend the breadth of items that you can share with your clients. 

In the future, Clio for Clients will eventually replace Clio Connect as our sole client portal, but there is no timeline on that as of yet. We will communicate that transition well in advance.

Will Co-Counsel use this app, too?

No, as this app is intended for clients (and related contacts) only. You can continue to use Clio Connect with Co-Counsel, to share resources and collaborate on cases with them.

How do I start using Clio for Clients?

Clio for Clients is available in early access only and will be available soon for all Clio Manage customers. If you are interested in signing up for early access, please contact Clio support. By signing up for early access, please note that some of your workflows in Clio Manage may change, as new features evolve over time. 

After you’ve signed up, within 1-2 business days, the new feature will be turned on for your account, which means your firm can start using the app with your clients. Everyone in your firm will see a pop-up in Clio Manage once the app is live for your account.

Refer to the steps above for how to get started.

Where can I provide feedback on Clio for Clients?

Once Clio for Clients has been turned on for your account, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to provide your feedback to us; this may be via pop-ups from within Clio Manage, or via email surveys. Please share your feedback with us, including what else you’d like your clients to be able to see or do from this app! Your clients will also be able to submit their feedback through a Google Form that is available inside of the Clio for Clients app.

You may provide your feedback with us using this Google Form.

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