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Why Does My Matter Have a Negative Operating Balance?


  • When looking at the Operating Account Transactions for a Matter, it displays a negative balance instead of the correct amount


  • Clio Manage

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A Matter's Operating Account can get into this state if:

  • a Matter had Funds deposited to it, those funds were subsequently used (either on Bill Payments, Disbursements or other Transactions) and then the initial deposit of those funds was deleted, or
  • The funds were on the Client level but disbursed from the Matter level. 


Either add the deposit of those Funds back into the Matter's Operating Account, or Edit/Delete the use of the Funds so that the account comes out of a negative balance.

If the funds are negative on the Matter but there is a balance at the Client level, 

  • Edit the transaction and remove the Matter so the funds disburse from the Client level
  • Delete the transaction, and then transfer the funds from the Client to the Matter level where you can then disburse the funds again. 


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