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How Do I Edit Documents with Clio Launcher?


  • Make changes to documents in Clio
  • Update files uploaded to Clio


  • Clio Manage
  • Clio Launcher

Additional Information:


By using Clio Launcher, you can click a link in Clio to open any file in its relevant desktop application (Word, Excel, etc.). Saving the file in the desktop application will update the file in Clio and create a new version.

Using Clio Launcher is easy!

  1. Log in to Clio at
  2. Click the external link icon next to the document filename.


  1. The file will open on your computer in the appropriate desktop application.
  2. Make any changes to the file.
  3. Save the file.


Note: Using "Save as" will not save the file back to Clio. You need to use "Save".

In Clio, the file will now be updated with a new version.


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