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Why Doesn't My Email Signature Display Images Correctly in Emails Sent to Outlook?


  • Resize email signature
  • Edit email signature dimensions
  • Send emails to Outlook with correct email signature sizing


  • Clio Grow
  • Outlook Desktop for Windows

Additional Information:


Outlook Desktop for Windows is currently not able to recognize image resizing performed within Clio Grow, and will continue to display images with their original dimensions.

It is highly recommended to resize the original image to ensure this does not happen regardless of the email client that is receiving the email. Once you have resized the original image file to the desired size, edit your current email signature in Clio Grow with the new, resized images.

Alternatively, you may also consider editing the HTML code of your email signature to be compatible with Outlook Desktop for Windows. Switch to code view, by pressing the </> button when editing your email signature and enter the following:

<img src="" style="width: 300px;" class="fr-fic fr-dii">

<img src="" width="300" class="fr-fic fr-dii">

If these do not help, please contact Clio Support through email, the in-app chat, or via our Clio Support Center at +1-888-858-2546 ext 2.

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