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How Do I Change My Matter Numbering Scheme to Not Start at One For Each Client's New Matters?


  • Why are all of my Client's Matters starting at 1? 
  • How do I change my Matter Numbering so that it goes up sequentially for each Matter rather than for each Client's Matter?


  • Clio Manage

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  1. Navigate to the main Settings tab on the left of Clio
  2. Click Firm Preferences
  3. Make a note of or take a screenshot of your current Matter Numbering Scheme on the right so that you can recreate it to be the same
  4. Click the x beside the fields to remove them on the right side of the screen
  5. In the Customize with additional fields: dropdown menu, choose from:
      • Matter Number (Firm-wide)
      • Matter Number (Per Client)
      • Matter Number (Per Year)

  6. Click Add below to add that field
  7. In the Customize with additional fields: dropdown menu, add remaining fields to recreate your Matter Numbering scheme as it was before, making sure to click Add for each addition
      • Please note: You can see an example of what your choices will look like above your selections
  8. Once it appears the way you would like it to, tick the box beside Update all existing matters to reflect new numbering scheme. This will leave your Matters numbered as they are and only change the structure of your Matter Numbering scheme.
  9. Click Update Settings on the right side


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