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Cannot Find Matter in Clio


  • Why can't a single user in the firm can locate a certain Matter?
  • I cannot find a Matter
  • Why can't I find a certain Matter
  • Why is this Matter is missing


  • Clio Manage


  1. Matter status is closed
  2. Matter permission assigned to 'Me'
  3. Matter is in a different Clio account
  4. Matter is under a different client with the same name - a duplicate contact in Clio
  5. Matter is deleted
  6. Matter is assigned to a group whose users were removed

Resolution 1:

  1. Type the matter name in the Search bar (top left)
  2. Press Enter 
  3. Under Search results click Matters
  4. Click the matter name
  5. Under Details section of the matter Dashboard check the Status
  6. If needed, change the status from Closed to Pending/Open

Resolution 2:

Only Administrators on this account can take these steps.

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Groups, Permissions, and Job Titles
  3. Locate the Group that has no users assigned to it
  4. Click Edit under the Group name
  5. Under Users, add the yourself to the Group
  6. Click Update Group
  7. Navigate to the missing Matter and open it
  8. Click Edit matter
  9. Change the Permissions to Everyone
  10. Click Save Matter

Resolution 3:

  1. Log out of your Clio account
  2. Login under your second Clio account

Resolution 4:

  1. Find the duplicate contact by typing in the name in the search bar on the top left
  2. Rename one of the duplicate contacts
  3. Move the matter to the correct client

Resolution 5:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Recovery Bin (only Admins can see it)
  3. Click Filter on the right
  4. Click Type
  5. Choose Matter
  6. Click Recover
  7. Click Ok

Resolution 6:

  1. To find out which group a matter that you're unable to find is assigned to, please contact Support
  2. Once you find out which group the matter was assigned to, click Settings
  3. Click Groups, Permissions and Job Titles
  4. Find the group in the list
  5. See if the Users column is missing users for that group
  6. If it is, click Edit under the group's name
  7. Add users in the Users field
  8. Click Update Group
  9. Search for the matter again


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