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Clio for Microsoft Teams Integration: Team Creator

The Team Creator makes it easier than ever to collaborate on your matters by letting you automatically create new teams when you create a new matter or for existing Matters in Clio and access them at any time from the matter dashboard.

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Enabling and activating the Team Creator
Using the Team Creator
Disconnecting the Team Creator

Enabling and activating the Team Creator

To set up this integration, you need a subscription to a Microsoft 365 Business or Microsoft 365 Enterprise account and be an Administrator in both Microsoft 365 and Clio Manage. Also, the email address for your Microsoft 365 account must be the same email address used to log in to Clio Manage. Enabling this integration enables it for all users on your account.

  1. Navigate to your Settings
  2. Click on Apps  
  3. Click the Microsoft tab
  4. Click Connect
  5. Sign in to Microsoft 365
  6. Authenticate Clio with Microsoft 365

Using the Team Creator

Once connected to Microsoft Teams, you will have the option to create a team when creating a new Matter or editing an existing Matter. Those with permission to view the matter will automatically be added to the new team as long as the email address they use to log in to Clio Manage and Microsoft 365 is the same.

  1. From the Matters page, click New matter 
  2. Check the box for Create a team for this matter in Microsoft Teams 
  3. Once created, the Matter dashboard will display a link to the Microsoft Team created for the Matter. 
  4. Clicking the link will take you to the team created for the Matter:

For instructional videos on how to use Microsoft Teams, click here.

Disconnecting the Team Creator

  1. Navigate to your Settings
  2. Click on Apps  
  3. Click the Microsoft tab
  4. Click Disconnect


Who can set up the new integration and create teams?

Only a user that has administrator permissions in both Clio and Microsoft 365 can set up the Team Creator integration. Anyone with permission to view a matter can create a new team when creating a matter. 

Who can access matter teams from Clio?

Anyone with permission to view a matter can access a Team from that matter.

Who owns the teams in Microsoft Teams?

The Administrator of the Microsoft 365 account who originally set up the integration will own the new teams regardless of who creates them in Clio.

Do I have to create a team when I create a new matter?


Will you also automatically create channels for my matter team?

We’ll automatically create a “General” channel for each matter team, but you can add up to 200 channels per team if you’d like.

What happens to the team if I delete the matter in Clio?

Nothing. While we don’t recommend deleting teams, you can choose to archive or hide them in Teams.

Can I add more people to the teams in Teams?

Yes, but it will not change or affect their permissions in Clio.

If I remove someone from the matter in Clio, will they be removed from the team in Teams?

No. You will need to remove them in Teams separately.

Can I create a team for an existing matter in Clio?

Yes, you will see the option to do so in the Matter Dashboard.

What happens if I change the name of the matter in Clio?

You can still access the team from the matter dashboard, but the name of the team will not be automatically updated.

Will my Teams conversations be saved to Clio?

Not yet, but we’re working towards this functionality.

If I upload a document to Teams will it be saved in Clio?

No, the document will be saved to Sharepoint.

Why do the Clio and Microsoft 365 email addresses need to match for users to be added to new Teams?

This is the only way we can be sure that we’re adding the right people to the new teams. 

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