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Automated Bill Reminders in Clio Manage

Complementing Billing Features & Clio Payments
Automated Bill Reminders works best when you have set up Bill Recipients and created Bill Message Templates. Additionally with Clio Payments enabled, you can provide your clients with a secure and convenient way to pay outstanding balances via credit card.

What is Clio Manage’s Automated Bill Reminder feature?

Automated Bill Reminders enables you to automatically send Outstanding Balances to your clients and bill recipients based on a schedule you can customize.


Why did we build the Automated Bill Reminder feature?

Clients do not always pay bills fully on time, and it takes significant time and effort to manually track and send clients reminders. The Automated Bill Reminder feature will allow your firm to spend more time on billable work instead of reminding clients to pay you. Instead, you can now rely on Clio to automatically send bill reminders to your clients.


How do I use the new Automated Bill Reminder feature?

Once enabled, Clio will check the client’s outstanding bill’s status. It will look for the bill’s issue date and use it as a reference point to trigger reminders accordingly. This was done so that reminders can be sent out before a bill is due. If a client has multiple bills, it will look for the oldest bill’s issue date as a reference point.

Reminders can be turned on with the toggle in the Outstanding Balances tab on the billing page: 


Once the toggle is on, a success notification will let you know reminders are set up.


If the frequency of the automated reminder needs to change, they can be done so in

  • Settings > Billing > Automated Bill Reminders


Once the appropriate amount of time has passed, your client will receive an email similar to the Outstanding Balance email reminding them of anything they owe. If Clio Payments is connected, they will be able to pay by credit card.

Default and Customizable Reminder Schedule

The default schedule is to start 15 days after a bill is issued, and to repeat every 15 days until the balance is paid. In the case that there are multiple bills, the issue date will be the issue date of the oldest outstanding bill. Reminders can be repeatedly sent anytime between 7 to 365 days.

The reminders will be sent on schedule, regardless of when the reminder was turned on. This means that your clients with bills from several years in the past will continue to receive reminders ‘on schedule’ even if they are enabled significantly after their issue date. Turning on and off reminders will not impact this schedule.

Enabling Reminders Pausing Bill Reminders

If you want to turn on Automated Bill Reminders for all Clients, you can do so in settings. When enabling reminders, you will be presented with an option to turn on Automated Bill Reminders for all clients, which includes both new clients and clients who currently have Automated Bill Reminders disabled.


You can also pause all Automated Bill Reminders for clients who are on active payment plans.



Can I Turn on Automated Bill Reminders only for new Clients moving forward?

Yes you can turn Automated Bill Reminders on for just new clients going forward. A client is considered ‘new’ if they have never had an outstanding balance before (have never had an unpaid bill associated with them). This includes any newly created clients, as well as existing clients that have not yet had a bill created and approved.

Note: If you choose to only turn on reminders for new clients, it does not disable reminders for existing clients.



Will Automated Bill Reminders stop automatically?

Yes, when Clio checks and determines that a client has no more outstanding balance, the reminders will stop.

If the same client has new unpaid bills again, it will determine the new reminder schedule and send out reminders accordingly to the client and bill recipients.


Can I change the message that gets sent out with the Automated Reminder?

Yes, you can. Just click 'Edit' beside the reminder message template in the settings to change it. You can also edit it in the Bill Message Template section of settings.


Are Automated Bill Reminders setup for each bill?

Reminders are set up to remind clients for their total outstanding balances to prompt clients to pay what is currently outstanding. Individual bill reminders cannot be sent out at this time.

Will Automated Bill Reminders work if I do not send out new bills through Clio?

Yes, even if you do not send out new Bills through Clio, the reminders will still be sent to the client and bill recipients based on the reminder schedule set.


What happens when there is an authorized credit card payment?

Reminders will take the authorized payments into consideration to determine whether a reminder should be sent. If the authorized payment covers the bills that are overdue, then no reminders will be sent.


Will there be Automated Bill Reminders for Trust Requests?

Automated Bill Reminders will only be active for revenue bills, or outstanding balances.


Can Automated Bill Reminders intervals be set on a per-client basis?

Not at this time.

Will the messages sent with Automated Bill Reminders be stored in Clio? 

Yes, Automated Bill Reminder messages will be stored in communications, similar to how bill and outstanding balance messages are currently stored. 


Which bank account will the Automated Bill Reminder payments go to if I have multiple bank accounts set up with Clio Payments? 

If you have multiple bank accounts set up, you can choose the bank account that the funds will go to on the Automated Bill Reminder settings page. If you do not have a bank account set up in the Automated Bill Reminders setting page, there will be a notification prompting you to do so when you turn on the Automated Bill Reminders for the first time.


Will everyone on my account get this feature? 

Yes. Everyone at your firm who has billing permissions will have access to this feature. Those with access to billing permissions will have full access to the feature, including the ability to modify reminder intervals in the settings.

Where should I direct my feedback?

Please contact our support team if you have any feedback. They are available at, through in-app chat, or at 1-888-858-2546 ext. 2.


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