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Can the Primary Contact See the Information of the Opposing Party on an Intake Form?  


  • Can a contact view another contact's information in a form with multiple contacts? 
  • Is it possible to have a conflict of interest when sending an intake form with multiple contacts? 


  • Clio Grow

Additional Information:


By default, Clio will automatically populate the contact information that has already been entered into Clio, in the form so your clients' can confirm the information you have on file is correct and to help speed up the process of filling out their form.

Because of this, if the opposing party's contact information has already been populated in their Contact card in Clio Grow, this information will appear in the form under the Contact 2's contact information section. This means that your client may see the opposing party's information. 

If your client should not view the opposing party's information, we recommend only having 1 contact per intake form. 

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