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How To Sort Contacts By Originating Attorney Custom Field


  • ... Filter the Contact Tab in Clio by Originating Attorney


  • ... Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • This option is ideal for larger Firms where Contact lists need to be easily sorted by Firm Users and Originating/Responsible Attorneys.



1. Create Contact Custom Field entitled "Originating Attorney". For larger Firms you may want to create this as a Picklist option with all Firm Users in the dropdown option. (for instructions on how to create a Contact Custom Field click here

2. Make certain that the Custom Field is set as Default and applied to all Contacts.

3. Input the Attorney information into the Custom Field on the Edit Contact page of the Contact.

4. Click on Contacts in the left hand task bar.

5. Click on the Filter button in the upper right hand side of the Contacts tab.

6 Click on the blue "add custom Field" link and select the Custom Field from the drop down menu.

7. Enter the vaue of the Filter Term.  In this case the name of the Originating Attorney.

8. Click the blue Apply Filter button.


This process should allow you to filter the Contacts page by Originating Attorney which can be useful for creating a Contact Export for specific clients only.




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