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Why Don’t I See Any Appointment Types on the Firm Scheduler Settings Page?


  • Why don't I see appointment types on the Firm Scheduler settings page?
  • Where are the appointment types on the Firm Scheduler settings page?


  • Clio Grow
  • Clio Manage


There are three potential reasons why no appointment types would be displayed on the Firm Scheduler settings page:

  1. No appointment types currently exist. You can create new individual appointment types on the Settings > Appointments types page by clicking on the “New appointment type” button to the right of a user’s name.
  2. Existing appointment types have not been enabled. Two default appointment types are automatically created in Grow for each user. In order to enable appointment types, a user must follow the Clio Scheduler setup process outlined here.
  3. An existing appointment type’s payment options are not properly configured. In order for a paid appointment to be visible, it must be connected to an active linked bank account in Clio Manage. Steps to create paid appointment types are here.

Please note, in order to use Clio Scheduler, you will need to have both Clio Grow and Clio Manage.

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