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Do Additional Contacts in a Form Receive an Email Notification to View the Completed Form?


  • Who can see the completed form when the form contains multiple contacts? 
  • Can the opposing party (second contact) see the answers my client provided? 


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Additional Information:


No, the second contact, or in this case opposing party, will not receive an email notification nor a copy of the completed form. Only the user that fills out the form will receive the completed email. 

When preparing the form and the Share Form Link With Contact option is selected, you will see a dropdown field called Which contact will fill out this form?. Whomever is selected in this dropdown field to receive the form can access, fill out the form, and will receive the completed email. The default is Contact 1. 


Example of preparing a form with 2 contacts and selecting whom should fill it out: 



Note that on a public form, because there is not a “prepare form” step, the confirmation email will be sent to the first contact shown on the form upon submission.



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