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Why Aren't My Documents Sorting Correctly From 1-10?


  • Why Aren't My Documents Sorting Correctly From 1-10?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Info:

Clio sorts all strings using alphabetical order, rather than natural sort order.


Clio stores names of Documents as alpha-numeric Strings, rather than as Integers. Due to there being a mix of letters, numbers, punctuation, and emojis, Clio will look at name one character at a time.

For instance, Consider a case with the following documents:

  • "25 - Retainer Agreement"
  • "3 - Cover Letter"

In this case the 25 document will appear alpha-numerically before the 3 document, since the number "2" is smaller than the "3". 


To work around this, you can add leading zeros to your document. For instance "03 - Cover Letter" would appear before "25 - Retainer Agreement" since the "0" of 03 is smaller than the "2" of 25.

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