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How Can I Automate the Due Date on Invoices?


  • I would like invoices to automatically set a due-date of (X) days from its issue date. How can I do this? 
  • Is there a way to set different grace periods for different clients?
  • I want certain clients to have due dates of (X) days from the issue date of the bill. How can I set this up?
  • Set up a Payment Profile without including interest


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Note:  If you would like a specific payment profile to apply to all your clients, you can choose to edit the Default Payment Profile.
  • The grace period serves as a way of automatically setting the due date (X) days from the issue date.
    • For example, if the grace period is 25 days, set to accrue interest every 30 days; You will see an interest charge on day 26 (for the expired grace period/due date of 25 days), and again on day 56 (due to the interest interval).
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Yes, it is possible to have different grace periods and thereby, set due-dates for different clients.


  1. Go to Settings --> Billing
  2. Choose the Payment Profiles sub-tab
  3. Click on (+) Create a payment profile
  4. Name the Payment profile and click on Custom Payment Terms
  5. Enter in your grace period (ex: 10 days) for this specific profile. Keep in mind that you can have multiple payment profiles created
  6. Click on Create Profile
  7. Go to the contact sheet of the client that you would like to apply this particular payment profile to
  8. Click on Edit Contact
  9. Scroll down to Billing Preferences
  10. Choose the specific payment profile you created from the drop-down menu and click on Save Contact
  11. When generating bills (single, or in bulk) from the Billing Section of Clio you can apply the same grace period to these by checking the box that says 'Use contact's grace period to calculate the due date'

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