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Invoices with Taxes Not Syncing over to QuickBooks Online


  • Invoice with taxes not syncing over to QuickBooks Online
  • No error code for invoice not syncing over to QuickBooks Online
  • Why is my invoice not syncing over to QuickBooks Online?


  • Clio Manage
  • QuickBooks Online

Additional Information:

  • There will be no QuickBooks Online error code associated to these invoices in Clio


At one point secondary tax was enabled on Clio in Settings -> Billing, which then in the QuickBooks Online sync settings mapped out the Secondary Tax Rate to a Tax code that is no longer available.


Either reactivate the Tax Code in QuickBooks Online with the steps found here or take the following steps in Clio:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Billing (under the CLIO SETTINGS column)
  3. Click the Enable secondary tax checkbox to enable it and
  4. Click Save Bill Settings
  5. Click Settings on the left again
  6. Click Bill Syncing (under the SYSTEM column)
  7. Click Configure settings button for Quickbooks Online
  8. Under Line item tax options ensure that it is set to Include tax value with corresponding line item
  9. You'll notice that Secondary Tax Rate will appear, choose an available Tax Code from the dropdown
  10. Click Save sync settings
  11. Click Settings on the left main menu
  12. Click Billing under the Clio Settings Column
  13. Click the checkbox to disable Enable secondary tax and click on Save Bill Settings


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