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Issue: Invoice Discounts Sync to a QBO Global Setting Instead of Clio’s Mapped Discount Account


If customers use the "Discount" Setting in Quickbooks Online, discounts applied to a bill in Clio will sync to the account set in Quickbooks this feature, instead of the one mapped through Clio


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

To check if the "Discount" setting is turned on in QBO:

  1. Click on Settings (Gear icon)
  2. Click Account and settings
  3. Click Sales
  4. 4. Click the Sales form content section to edit those settings
  5. 5. See if “Discount” is turned on
  6.  To see what account this setting is mapped to:
    1. Click Save
    2. Click Advanced
    3. Click Chart of accounts
    4. Look at the account beside “Discount account”

Discounts on a line item on a bill in Clio will sync to the account as set in Clio.


Discounts to a bill will follow the global "Discount" setting in QBO.


  • In Quickbooks, either turn off the “Discount” feature, or map this setting to the same Account as the “Discount” Product/Service in Clio’s settings

  • To “fix” any existing bills, so that the discounts appear in the correct account afterwards:

    1. Edit the bill in Clio

    2. Remove any discount applied to the bill

    3. Save the bill

    4. Wait for the bill to resync to QBO without the discount (important)

    5. Edit the bill in Clio and re-add the discount

    6. Wait for the bill to sync to QBO again


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