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What Are Disputes?


  • What Are Disputes?
  • What is a Dispute in Clio Payments?
  • What does it mean to dispute a charge?
  • What does it mean to dispute a Clio payments transaction?
  • How are disputes handled for Clio Payments?
  • How do disputes work for Clio Payments?
  • What is the process for disputes in Clio Payments?


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Additional Information:

  • Please note: credit card disputes follow the same process outlined below.


A dispute is a situation in which your client questions the validity of a transaction on their credit card or bank statement within 120 days of the original payment.

There are two types of disputes:

Inquiries occur when issuers (typically American Express and Discover) investigate a payment before creating a chargeback. Until the chargeback occurs, funds are not debited against your account. Inquiries can be Refunded, resulting in closure of the Inquiry.

Chargebacks occur when issuers (typically Visa and Mastercard) investigate a payment and immediately debit against your account for the original payment + a $15 fee. 


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