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What is the Clio Payments Verification Process?


  • What is the Clio Payments Verification Process?


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Additional Information:

  • Here are the list of acceptable file formats:

    • Color image (8,000 pixels by 8,000 pixels or smaller).
    • 10 MB or less.
    • For identity documents, can be JPG or PNG format.
    • For address or legal entity documents, can be JPG, PNG, or PDF format.


If we are unable to verify your account during the sign up process for Clio Payments, additional information will be required such as the following acceptable documents:

• If you are an individual:

      • Passport
      • Passport Card
      • Driver License
      • State issued ID Card
      • Resident Permit ID / U.S. Green Card
      • Border Crossing Card
      • Child ID Card
      • NYC Card
      • U.S. Visa Card
      • Birth Certificate
      • Void Check

• If you are a company: 

        • IRS Letter 147C document
        • IRS SS-4 confirmation letter

Once the document is uploaded, the account goes back into Pending status while the document is in the process of being verified.

    • If verification is passed, the account goes into Complete status and an account activated email is sent.
    • If verification fails, the account goes into Pending (Additional Information Required) or Rejected status.


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