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Why Are Events Missing from My Calendar in Clio?


  • Why are the Events I created not showing/displaying in my Clio Calendar?
  • How to display Calendar Events that are gone.


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:


Calendar Selection:

It is possible the Calendar that the Event was created for is not set to be displayed within your Clio Calendar. Please ensure the Calendars you are wanting to be displayed are checked off in the My Calendars and Other Calendars dropdown in the Calendar side panel.




Calendar Sync:

If you are using a Calendar Sync (Outlook/Google), you may not have your sync set up properly (see additional information for instructions). It is also possible you have duplicates of the same Calendar within (Outlook/Google) that you are adding events to that are not set to sync with Clio.


Events Added by another User:

If another User on the Firm has been adding events that should appear on your Calendar but they are not - ensure you were either added as an Attendee or they selected your Calendar under the 'Save to this calendar' dropdown when creating or editing the event.

Ensure that if they are selecting you as an Attendee that they are selecting you as a Firm User from the dropdown and not as a Contact - (a Contact that may have been created with your name).



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