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How Can I use the Recovery Bin to Recover Multiple Deleted Contacts at Once?

  • When Multiple contacts have been deleted, Recover all or most of them at once 


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • When finding the deleted contacts they will be sorted into pages with 25 contacts per page
  • Start this procedure from the first page of results when looking at the contacts
  • You cannot recover more than 25 contacts without going through the steps multiple times
    • NOTE -- If you are recovering more than 25 contacts and you check the Select All  Button again after first clicking Recover you will receive an error that "Ids can't be blank" this is because the page needs to refresh: because the first 25 you could select are not actually deleted anymore.  Fortunately, this error message seems to actually refresh the list. Alternatively, click the Search button again while the Type is set to Contact to view the next 25 remaining deleted contacts.


  1. Go into Setting - Recovery Bin
  2. Set the filter to show only Contacts under 'Type'
  3. Select the contacts you wish to recover with the checkbox on the left of the contact name
  4. select the Recover option in the pull-down under Action and click the Apply Button
  5. Continue selecting and recovering up to 25 contacts at a time until all contacts you wish to recover have been recovered.  
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