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How Do I Set My Matter Numbering to Include Client Initials and the Number of Matters Opened?


  • Can you use the first three letters of a surname or company, followed by the number of matters opened for a client? 
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Additional Information:


Yes, the user will be able to set their matter numbering with the 3 characters and have the Matter number per client (which will show as a 5 digit number rather than 1) but it won't have the number that says how many people with the same surname there is.  
For example: 
  • Sheila Darcy = DAR/00001
  • Sheila Darcy = DAR00002
  • Eileen Darcy = DAR/00001
The user could add the client number after DAR so that the matter numbers are unique. However this number would depend on when they were added to the system rather than how many Darcy's are in the system. 
For example: 
  • Sheila Darcy = DAR23/00002
  • Eileen Darcy = DAR216/00001
In the above example Sheila would have been the 23rd contact added to Clio and Eileen would have been 216th. 
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