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Can I Import large Files into Clio?


  • Can I Import Large Files into Clio? 
  • I Imported a file that included 200,000 data entries and selected undo and now my file is stuck on "Queued for Undo" 


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Additional Information:


While you can import large files into Clio, we advise that you do not import files with data entries larger that 10,000. 
If a user needs to undo a large import of more than 10,000 data entries, the undo button can become stuck on "queued for undo". 

If this happens and your import has not cancelled after more than 3- 5 days the technical team will have to remove your entries through API. 

Please note: Our technical team are very hesitant in proceeding with removing data through API as this could cause further disruptions to your Clio Account. 

Please do not import files with data entries larger than 10,000. 

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