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Issue: "Add a field that is not a date for (Signer Name)" in HelloSign when trying to click Next


  • After signers are added clicking Next button, an error message pops up that says "Add a field that is not a (ex field: date) for (Signer Name)" and I cannot proceed 


  • Clio Manage
  • HelloSign

Additional Information:


  • Signer named in error code might by incorrectly added two to the Document for signing


1) Check that all Signers are correctly listed and not added twice. Edit Document as needed.

2) Open a private browsing window, sign in to Clio and prepare the Document there. 

3) If issue persists contact Clio Support by chat, phone (1-888-858-2546 Ext 2) or email (support@clio.com)


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