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Why is there a '(2)' next to the Clio Client folder name in my Dropbox Application?


  • With Document Integration (Dropbox) connected (both desktop application and web application), there is a '(2)' displaying beside the client folder name. Why is this showing, and how to resolve it? 


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • When two different Dropbox users both try to make a change to a folder in Dropbox, at the same time, this will happen.
  • This only happens when the change occurs through the Dropbox (desktop) program and it does not have to do with any Clio functionality.


  • Verify which folder is currently syncing between DropBox and Clio (the documents that are syncing from Dropbox will be visible in Clio as well)
  • Move any pertinent files from the duplicate folder over to the folder that is syncing
  • Delete the duplicate folder. 


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