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What Is a Client Portal?


  • What is Client Portal within Clio Manage?


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Additional Information:

  • For more information on Clio for Clients, please see here.
  • To send a message or a document to a Client using Client Portals, please see here.


Clio for Clients is Clio's new client portal feature that enables lawyers to communicate with their clients from within the Communications tab of Clio and the Communications sub-tab of a matter, to be received from their clients' mobile device or tablet (iOS and Android), or from a computer.


Creating a Client Portal

Before your client has access to Clio for Clients, a Client Portal must be created for their matter in order for you to send messages and documents. You can create a Client Portal either from the main Communications tab or from the Communications sub-tab of the matter. 




Adding participants to a client portal

When creating the Client Portal, you and the client of the matter will be pre-populated as participants, however, you have the option of completely customizing who you would like to have access to the Client Portal. You can choose to add other users from your account so that they can stay updated on the conversation as well as other contacts who may be related to the matter. 

Please note: Any contact participant will have access to all messages and documents shared via the Client Portal.




Sending messages and resources via the client portal

Once the Client Portal is created and the participants have been added you are ready to begin sharing messages and documents with your clients. For more info on how to send messages and documents click here.


Closing a Client Portal

Once a client portal is opened it cannot be deleted, however, there are ways to revoke access to individual items or the entire Portal. To revoke a client or contact's access to the Client Portal simply remove them as a participant by hovering over their contact and clicking the X. Once removed they will no longer have access to the shared messages and resources. 
Alternatively, if you'd like to remove an individual item you can either delete the associated message or stop sharing the resources from the Shared Resources tab within the Client Portal.





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