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How Do I Log In to Clio For Clients?


  • How do I login to Clio for Clients? 
  • How can I sign into Clio for Clients?
  • What is my Clio for Clients Password
  • What is the landing page for the Client Portal?


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Where can I log in?

As a client, you can log in to the Clio for Clients portal on the web through (North America) or (EMEA Clients) or you can download the Clio for Clients mobile application on IOS and Android


When can I log in?

Your access to Clio for Clients begins once your lawyer has sent you a resource through Clio for Clients. Notification emails will inform you when something new requires your attention in Clio for Clients.

1. You can use the links in the notification emails to access Clio for Clients,

2. Navigate to (North American Clients) or (EMEA Clients)


3. via the mobile app at any time.


How do I log in?

Access to Clio for Clients is based on unique one-time passwords (OTPs) provided to the email address that the firm has on file for you. When you receive a notification email it will contain a link that is accessible for 1 hour. 

If you access the link more than 1 hour after it was received you will be automatically prompted to request a new one-time password link using the email address associated with your account when logging in.

One benefit of the Clio for Clients mobile app is that you can connect the app to your device's biometric authentication system so that you can access Clio for Clients using a FaceID or a fingerprint.


What is my password?

Since Clio for Clients uses one-time passwords (OTPs) you will not need to create or remember a password for your account. Instead, you will receive links to access your account based on access to the email address associated with your account.



Here are some steps to help you overcome any issues while logging in:

Issue: Link to Clio for Clients is prompting me for my email address instead of logging in?

Resolution: The link you used may have already expired or been used. For security purposes, a new link will be required to access the account. Input your email address and await a new email to log in.


Issue: After entering my email address I am not receiving a confirmation email?

Resolution: Access to Clio for Clients is based on access to the email account that the firm is sharing resources with. Please check that you are entering the same email address that the notification email was sent to.


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