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I'm Attempting to Sync My Google Drive to Clio but the Sync Won't Complete


  • When I attempt to set up the sync for my Google Drive account the sync won't complete. I don't receive an error. The screen that looks like it's loading or the Sync button turns light green and nothing happens.


  • Clio Manage
  • Google Drive

Additional Information:

  • n/a


  • You might be attempting to sync your Google Drive account with an e-mail that is different to that of an already existing Google Sync within your Clio account (ie, Google Calendar or Google Contacts)
  • You may have a Clio Connect Account with the same email, it may have synced to that.
  • You may have previously set up a different Google account.


  1. Ensure that you are setting up the sync with the same e-mail address that your existing Google Calendar or Google Calendar is set up with. To confirm the email address that your Calendar and Contacts are syncing with, follow these instructions: 
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Click Contact & Calendar Sync
  4. Click Configure next to Google Contacts and Calendars
  5. The e-mail address will be listed after "You are currently authorized as"
  6. If this doesn't show, then your Google account is not the one authorized or synced to Clio

If after the steps above you are still running into the same issue, please contact Clio Support.




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