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How to Measure User Productivity on a Flat Rate Matter


  • Comparing Non-billable time on Flat Rate Matters.


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:


You can compare the Data on a Matter Productivity by User Report with the Flat Rate Total exported from the Matter. 


Matter Productivity by User Report:

  1. Click Reports
  2. Click Matter Productivity by User Report
  3. Select the appropriate report options based on the criteria you would like to report on
  4. Select the Output Format
  5. Click Generate Report

This Report will show the Non-billable hours including the Non-billable dollar amount per user. You can then use that data to calculate against the Flat Rate Total on the Matter.

Here is an example of the Data you would receive from the Matter Productivity User Report:

Flat Rate Total of the Matter:

To view the Flat Rate Total on the Matter export the Flat Rate Activities within the Matter.

To do this, go to the Activities subtab within the Matter. Click the Filters button and select the desired Flat Rate from the Time Entry Category Dropdown. Select All Users (or an individual User if only wanting to show for one User) from the Firm User Dropdown.

Ensure you have the All tab selected, and then click Export and select either CVS or PDF output.

The Export will appear similar to the example image below. Showing you the Flat Rate's that have been Billed or Unbilled including their dates and which Clio User created/billed for them. If you selected an individual User from the Filters in the screen shot above - it would only show for that specific User.

You can utilize the Filtersin the Matter's Activities tab to customize the Data you would like to see on the Export. For example, in the Filter you could select 'Billed' under the invoice status to see only billed Flat Rates, or select 'Unbilled' to see only unbilled Flat Rates on the Export.


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