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Why Is My Client's Trust Balance Not Showing?


  • Why is My Client's IOLTA Balance Zero?
  • My Contact's Trust Transaction is gone.
  • My Contact's Retainer is not showing.


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:


It is possible you are viewing the Trust Account balance from the Matter when the balance is actually on the Contact-level. To view the Trust Account balance from the Contact-level please:

  1. Locate the Contact
  2. Click on the Transactions sub-tab within the Contact
  3. Choose the correct account from the ledger dropdown on the left-hand side of the screen

Alternatively, here are a few other possibilities:

  • The Trust Transaction was not initially recorded
  • The Trust Transaction was deleted
  • The Trust Balance was applied to an invoice
  • A Trust-Clio Payment was collected but not linked to the appropriate Contact
  • The Trust Transaction was recorded in the Trust Account without linking a Contact to it

To add a new Trust Transaction click the blue 'New Transaction' button on the top right from within the Contact's Transactions subtub - ensuring you select the appropriate Trust Account from the Account dropdown section when recording the Transaction.

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