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Will my Intake Form and E-Signature Document URL Change if I Update my Firm Name


  • Will my intake form URL change if I update my firm name?
  • Will my e-signature document URL change if I update my firm name?


  • Clio Grow

Additional Information:

  • Please note:  When a subdomain name is changed, any links to pending Intake Forms and E-signable Documents will break (i.e. the client will no longer be able to access forms and documents shared via links tied to the old subdomain, any saved progress on partially completed intake form WILL BE LOST).
  • Clio Scheduler appointment links will also stop working and will need to be updated or resent to contacts.


No, it is not possible to change the URL of either the intake form or e-signature document from your Clio Grow account.

To do that, the Administrator of the account has to send a request to to change the subdomain of your Clio Grow account. Please specify how you would like the updated subdomain to look within the body of the email.

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