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Does Clio Provide Drip Campaign Templates in Clio Grow?


  • Is there a List of Email Templates Available for Use? 
  • Can Email Templates be Purchased similar to Form and Documents in Grow? 
  • Can I Automate Communication with my Clients?
  • How Can I Utilize Drip Campaigns in Clio Grow?


  • Clio Grow

Additional Information:


Not at this time. Although, the below example template may further explain how the feature can be used. 


Email 1: Scheduled at 20 Minutes

TITLE: Drip Campaign: Email 1

Subject: Thank you for reaching out

Body: Hi,

Thank you for contacting our firm regarding your legal matter. We would like to get started working on your case as soon as possible. At your earliest convenience, please email or call us back to schedule a meeting to discuss your matter further.


Email 2: Scheduled at 5 Days

TITLE: Drip Campaign: Email 2

Subject: Requesting Further Information

Body: Hi,

We have not yet heard back from you regarding your legal matter. Please contact us as soon as possible so we may get started on your case as early as possible.


Email 3: Scheduled at 11 Days

TITLE: Drip Campaign: Email 3
Subject: Are you still interested in speaking with us?

Body: Hi,

We have tried to get in touch a couple of times now but have not been able to reach you. Are you still interested in pursuing the legal matter for which you contacted us?

Please call us as soon as possible to prevent the closure of the case.


Email 4: Scheduled at 17 Days

TITLE: Drip Campaign: Email 4
Subject: [Action Needed] Law Firm Name

Body: Hi,

We still have not heard from you. Please contact us if you are still interested in pursuing your legal matter.


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