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"A debit to your bank account has failed due to insufficient funds. You will not be able to receive payouts from this account until the outstanding fees have been successfully debited from your bank account."


  • I see a banner on my account telling me a debit to my bank account has failed due to insufficient funds


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • When a debit to your bank account fails, the following features will be paused:
    • Payouts (no further payout events will be created)
  • You can still accept Clio Payments on bills into both your operating and trust accounts
  • You can still process refunds from your operating account


Ensure the funds are available in your bank account and confirm this on your Clio Payments Bank Accounts page (appears under the error banner). Clicking “confirm” will trigger another debit attempt. Once the fees are successfully debited and your Clio Payments account is in good standing, payouts will be re-enabled.

Email Clio Support with any additional questions.

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