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Can I Share My Filter Settings with Other Users in My Firm All Within Clio?


  • Can other People in my Firm use my Filters I've set?
  • How to share filters with another person
  • I want other users to easily see the same filter results I see


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:


Yes you can! Here are the steps to share the Filters you've set with another User so they can view the same results as you:

  1. First Navigate to where you'd like to filtering information
  2. Refresh your browser once on that page to clear your URL
  3. Select your desired Filters from the Filters Button on the right and click 'Apply Filters'
  4. Copy the entire URL on the top of your Browser in the URL bar
  5. Share this URL link with other Users 
  6. The User accessing this link must be currently logged into Clio for this to work
  7. Optional: If the results allow it, click the Export button on the bottom left to export the filtered information


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