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What Are The Acceptable File Formats For Uploading Documents That Are Required For Clio Payments Verification?


  • What are the acceptable file formats for uploading documents that are required for Clio Payments verification?
  • What file format can I upload my document for verification in regards to Clio Payments?
  • What is the size limit for verification documents?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Once the document is uploaded, the account goes back into Pending status while the document is in the process of being verified.
    • If verification is passed, the account goes into Complete status and an account activated email is sent.
    • If verification fails, the account goes into Pending (Additional Information Required) or Rejected status.


Here are the list of acceptable file formats:

  • Color image (8,000 pixels by 8,000 pixels or smaller).
  • 10 MB or less.
  • For identity documents, can be JPG or PNG format.
  • For address or legal entity documents, can be JPG, PNG, or PDF format.


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